bgKIDS 26.2

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, the bg26.2 & half marathon is hosting a Kids Only Run (bgKIDS 26.2) in conjunction with the bg26.2 & half marathon. This event will start and finish at the Bowling Green Ballpark. Each child will need to have walked, run or wheel-chaired 25 miles by Friday, October 26, 2018 to be able to participate!! See the 3 separate forms below for more information, or check with your elementary run club coach.
All bgKIDS 26.2 events are FREE for the kids…..thank our sponsors for making this happen!



bgKIDS 26.2 map

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bgKIDS 26.2 MAP

bgKIDS 26.2 training log

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2018 bgKIDS training log

bgKIDs 26.2 letter to parents & waiver

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2018 bgKIDS 26.2 letter to parent