Training for the big race? Great news! You don’t have make the journey to the finish line alone. Starting Saturday, July 15 2017, we will be kicking off the bg26.2 training group at the start line of the bg26.2.

Saturday July 15 2017 7:00am

Bowling Green Ballpark

300 E 8th Ave, Bowling Green, KY

The training group is free and runners of all abilities are welcome. We believe that there is strength in numbers. Our aim is to connect runners who share the same goals with each other in training so we all can be our best on race day.

The training group welcomes runners who wish to train for any of the bg26.2 events on November 5 2017. Choose a race, pick a plan, run with us, and finish strong on race day. For more info on the races, see the links below

bg6000 – 6K Road Race [3.72mi]

bg13.1 -Half Marathon

bg26.2 – Full Marathon

The official training group will be a great opportunity to meet the race director as well as runners familiar with the course. We will complete most of our long runs Saturday mornings along the bg26.2 course starting in Downtown Bowling Green.