• Harlan Holmes

Hill Repeats Thursday July 22

It's no secret that bg26.2, the half marathon, and the bg6000 are NOT FLAT. There are hills on the course. You have to be ready for them. Our training plans set aside a day just for running hills. Join us each Thursday at 5:30am for a hill workout. We will met at the US bank Parking lot at Chestnut and Main.

The Route

Simple. start at Chestnut street run up E Main Ave until you reach the parking lot at the top of hill. From here you have options:

Option A: turn around and jog to the bottom of the hill and repeat.

Option B: turn left through the driveway at Med Center's Corp Office which will take you down 8th Ave. Hang a left on Chestnut and you'll be back where you started. Repeat.

Most runners do a combination of the two. For example, they may run back and forth Main Ave three times, then on the third time, they'll hang a left and run around the block break up the monotony.

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