• Harlan Holmes

Saturday's Long Run: a break from hills

Starting 5:30am at Bowling Green Ballpark, this weekend's long run steps up the mileage, but we will be exploring the flat(ter) areas of the course. The forecast calls for heat this Saturday please check out these hot weather running tips from Olympian, Jeff Galloway. Jeff knows a thing or two about running. Stay safe out there folks. We will have Gatorade at the start [marathoners will run here twice]. The Croxtons will also have a water stop in Briarwood.

bg6000 runners will be running a 3mi route to Kereiakes Park and back turning around at Fairveiw Ave and Cemetery Rd.

Half marathoners will take a little detour around the square to total 7mi

while the marathoners are running 11mi. The marathoner's route will be a double loop - we should get accustomed to loops since the race we are running is a double loop. The course feels different the second time around, let's not save that experience for race day.

I will bring printed copies of the routes this weekWe will have Gatorade out along the route. Hope to see you all running strong Saturday.


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