• Harlan Holmes

Sharks Group Run Saturday Aug 14

Last week, we took a break from the hills. This week, it's back to business. We will meet at 6:30am to run from Bowling Green Ballpark

bg6000/Beginner Group

Oh its ON! we are gonna jog for 14 WHOLE Minutes. NO walking. We worked hard week after week. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Half Marathoners

The Half Marathoners have 6mi of running on the schedule. We will mostly follow the course with a slight deviation to keep it at 6mi. When running down State Street, make a right at E Main and another at Chestnut Return to the ballpark once you reach 8th Ave from the alley.

Full Marathoners

The Full Marathoners have 16mi on the schedule. Simple. Run the entire 13.1mi course. keep going til you hit 16 mi. This can be done by continuing down state street on the second loop until reaching 6th ave. make a left on 6th and another left on College. Right on 8th to return to the start at 16mi.

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