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Sharks Group Run Saturday Aug 7

6:30am at BG Ballpark. This week, we will be deviating from the marathon course to familiarize ourselves with the Fairview/Briarwood area of the course as well as take a break from the downtown hills. Below are suggested routes and distances for Saturday's run in accordance with the official bg26.2 training plans written by the Race Director herself. All runners/walkers are welcome, so bring your friends. The groups are free, even if you aren't training for the races, we encourage you to just come out and burn dome calories with us.

bg6000/Beginner Group

The bg6000 sharks are doing a simple-yet-challenging interval workout.

Jog for 7 minutes, walk for 3 minutes

Repeat 2 times

There is a water stop at Sherwood Drive about halfway during the workout where we will turn around and head to the ballpark.

Half Marathoners

The Half Marathoners have 5mi of running on the schedule. This can be done running though bg26.2 alley, down Fairview to Ironwood, turning around at Cardinal at heading back towards the ballpark. There will be a water stop at Sherwood that you'll pass twice.

Full Marathoners

The Full Marathoners have 10mi on the schedule. If last week, we got a double dose of the hills, this week, we will treat ourselves to the flatter half of the course instead. We will run through bg26.2 Alley, heading down Fairview Ave where we will run through Briarwood. Once we reach Cemetery Rd x Briteway, we will deviate from the course, crossing Cemetery Rd to run the Ewing Ford loop. From there, we will head back down cemetery Rd to continue the Medical Center area of the course.

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