Mileage Log

​Looking for the CORONA-THON log? You're in the right place!

  1. Download it (above), print it out

  2. Run, walk, or bike in 1/2 mile increments

  3. Fill in the squares as you complete miles (make sure to date it!)

  4. Submit your completed log to by June 21st @ 11:59p.m.

  5. Be sure to include the participant(s) name in your email. 

Going above and beyond? 

After you complete and submit your 26.2 corona miles, keep on tracking your miles in an extra movement by one of our fellow CORONA-THONERS, Mary! 

You do not have to partake or submit your miles for the Mary Challenge, this is 100% voluntary, and we will not be requiring any proof of completion. 

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